Thursday, February 27, 2014

One man's trash...

I love when people find unique ways to re-use or re-purpose things.  Here is another awesome list of ways to do just that ("up-cycle")!

I'm particularly fond of the ladder bookshelf (1) and the spoon lamp (5).

The piano bookshelf (10) is breathtaking as it's both aesthetically pleasing and purposeful!

Making a broom out of an old soda bottle (3) is brilliant and I'd like to try it and see if it just flings stuff everywhere because of it's elasticity.

I have a personal connection with bikes of all sorts, so that one (13) gets me as a decorative piece..too cute!

I also really enjoy the Closet/Shelves out of folding chairs storage (2).  My only concern there is if you want to use those chairs... LOVE the idea, they are stored when you don't need them and help you store other things, but in practice, it's unlikely that you would take them down and move the clothes and anything on the "shelf" for company.  I feel similarly about the "book"shelves (8)...what if you want to read them?!

The bagel/donut/other hole-y object transporter (14) is awesome!  Now...if only I could find one that isn't full of CDs...!

I LOVE the effect of the hangar divider (17)!  The colors and material are clearly what make this one, in my opinion because of how the light passes through them and brightens the space, giving it energy!

The "pickmaster" (18) is a pretty sweet invention.  Not quite a DIY, since you'd have to find one and buy it, but a great way to re-purpose old plastics

19-21 and 23 kind of confuse me a bit.  I think they are cool but I'm not sure how exactly I would go about making them work the way they are shown.

I love the suitcase-turned-comfy-chair (25) my only question is:  How is the back supported?  Hopefully not against the wall.

I like the pop-tab reuse (28) because who doesn't want something shiny and different?!  But, from experience, they catch on your clothes (and skin-ouch!) so using them can be a bit of a hassle.

29 and 30 are classy little decorations!  I feel like great garage sale finds would be perfect for this style!

Hope you enjoyed these designs as much as I did!  It's exciting to see re-purposed "trash" become something worth treasuring again!

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