Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Design of the Mind...Telepathy and Dreams

I suppose that the grand design of the human mind is as good as any to discuss here...

Dreams have constantly mesmerized humanity...What do they mean?  Where do they come from?  Are they reflections of our past?  our fears?  our emotions?  Or are they a look into the future?

Have you ever considered the connections between our interest in the subconscious, dreaming, mind and the study of telepathy?  Telepathy is essentially the power to transfer information from one person to another without use of written, spoken, or acted language - at a distance, for example.  It has been said that this could be both conscious and subconscious.  In some studies, for example, a  group or individual is asked to think about a certain object, song, etc and another subject is told to tell an observer what he or she has come to mind at the same time that the other is "sending" the messages via thought.  In other accounts, people who are praying, or asking for help subconsciously, are "heard" by someone either known or unknown.  For this reason, some investigative agencies do not rule out telepathy as a means for finding missing people or discovering clues to unsolved crimes.

It's an interesting concept: combining dreams with telepathy...two things that are said to be powers of our own minds, yet, not altogether in our control.  It's as fascinating as either of the two topics on their own.  Now, there is said to be evidence of their connection.  Take a look, and consider the design of something you own but that you do not necessarily control...or do you?