Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The World on Green Transportation

Love the Upworthy post about the photos taken in Munich, Germany in '91 to show how much less congested and yuck the world would be without cars!  All in just three photos...

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mother Nature remains #1 in Design

You've heard of chameleons; they change color to blend in or camouflage themselves to avoid predators.  They aren't the only animal to do this; there are various species that mimic others to protect themselves or to hunt.  

What is rather unexpected, however, is to find a plant that biomimics.  Even crazier, and the first of its kind to be discovered, is a vine that doesn't just mimic one specific alternate (by any measure a surprise given that plants cannot see what they are mimicking) but multiple alternates. So, the vine, in some way as yet to be determined by scientists studying it, senses the shape, size, color and even the veins of the host plant's leaves in order to camouflage itself.  Now THAT'S good design.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Amazon Architecture Competition!

Given the beauty and uniqueness of the Amazon, I couldn't avoid passing on this opportunity for students and recent grads to share their ideas in this international design competition for an educational center for NOA (the Nature Observatory of Amazonia).  What an awesome opportunity to design for global leadership in sustainable education in the largest jungle in the world!  Please let us know if you decide to participate and tell us how it goes!

Dado la belleza y el hecho de que es tan única la región del Amazona, no pude evitar de pasarles esta oportunidad para estudiantes y recién graduados para compartir sus ideas en esta competencia internacional de diseño para un centro educativo para NOA (the Nature Observatory of Amazonia).  Que oportunidad mas asombrosa diseñar para el liderazgo global en la educación sostenible en la jungla más grande del mundo!  Por favor, déjanos saber si decidan participar y cuéntenos como les va!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Did I get your attention?  Good.  Read this.  Remember the last 8 words
(use them both literally AND as a metaphor for your LIFE)  
Share this post and act accordingly... 
so you won't have to worry about me calling you any of those names.

Now that you've read it, "ignorant" is off the list (you can't be ignorant once you have the knowledge).
...but you can be stupid and not think about the knowledge you've been given.  
You can also be lazy and choose to ignore what you know by choosing not to utilize the power that you have to make a difference.  

Don't do that.  
Be the change!