Thursday, February 13, 2014

Chestnut Avenue...where there used to be Chestnut Trees...

So you know that old joke, that's not really a joke, about (sub)urban sprawl that says "they name things after what they cut down or destroyed in order to put it there?"  Maple Elementary School, Walnut Street, Sweet Woods Terrace...and the like...

Well, Milan is putting a whole new twist on this old joke, and it's brilliantly awesome instead of being funny!  It's the new Bosco Verticale: The Vertical Forest, an apartment complex whose facade is a plethora of trees and plants, already pre-tested to withstand the wind loads at different heights of the building.  So with all of the vertical surface area they're actually going to have more plants now than the building footprint ever could have held...and THAT'S a pretty good twist worth repeating!

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