Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Science Fairs Change the World...again

Once again, what started out as a high school project from the mind of a young man, could one day be known as the seed that sprouted into the greatest global cleanup of human waste that the planet has ever known!

Boyan Slat, of the Netherlands created an idea about how to utilize ocean currents to the advantage of the humans who have been spoiling it and using those currents to our advantage in cleaning it.  By creating areas where currents often gather our trash, Boyan hopes to place large nets that can be anchored to the ocean, that would allow trash to stay in.   Boyan's method hopes to be able to clear in just 5 years what with current methods could take hundreds of years, oil, and energy to accomplish.  He raised over $80,000 in crowd-funding to research his theory and experiments are proving that his idea might work on the global scale.  The rollout of the first true test will be placed off the shores of Japan in the next year.

The outlook is good.  Thank you, high school teachers, for encouraging your students to think positively and to consider their ideas on a global scale.
Can this device save our oceans?
What began as a Dutch teen's high school project could make history, with Boyan Slat's low-cost, innovative Ocean Cleanup project aiming to clear the ocean of millions of tons of plastic.
Posted by The Sydney Morning Herald on martes, 2 de febrero de 2016

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