Sunday, February 1, 2015

Easton LaChappelle and His Design Are MindBlowing

When people take something they are passionate about and they seek out ways to make it work, beautiful and amazing things happen.

This is true of a young man named Eason LaChappelle.  He met a young girl who had a prosthetic arm that had limited function and cost $60,000.  Not only did Easton believe that prosthetics could be built for LESS, but he also believed that the prosthetics could do MORE.  Easton started with legos and now has a prosthetic arm that can operate off of a person's brain waves to move all five digits using a headpiece.  His invention costs $350 to produce.  He could have chosen to make millions of dollars from his mind-blowing invention, but he chose to release his design and software for free to anyone who wants it.  His reason?  He wants the world to be able to progress beyond his invention by taking it and making it better, much like the way that he did when he met the young girl years ago.

Easton: You have not only created something once only imagined in science fiction movies, you have given it to the world so it can be a better place.  You are not only passionate and brilliant, you are humane and kind.  Those are qualities that cannot be taught.  Bravo, man!

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