Monday, November 10, 2014

Ever Wonder How You Look When You Dance?

Silly?  Flawless?  Usher-esque?

Well, there's a new invention out there that can show just how you dance...and I'll bet you'll find that your dancing is a lot more awesome than you could have imagined!

The invention is called an E-Trace.  It is a mechanism that you can attach to your shoes (in this case, your ballet slipper), where your movements are converted into lines, like paint on the canvas that is your world!

The images produced by ballet dancers have been compared to calligraphy and symbol-art.  I imagine you can paint with your feet, or just dance and see what happens!  Either way, this creation is truly a design worth discussing, and I'd suggest that you check out the original article to see the video of how it works, by clicking here!

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